The Animals Observatory - first AW17 pictures

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We are happy to introduce the first campaign pictures of The Animals Observatory's AW17 collection. It's an amazing one, full of great light and mud colours, gorgeous prints and awesome nex styles. Launch of drop 1 will be the 25th of July, so save the date and keep posted!

The summer collection is on sale now. Get 40% off at

That is the  most versatile cap you have ever seen. Promised! More details on 25th of July.

The umbrellas are one of TAO's key prints for the AW season. 

... so are the pastel stars and cherries for girls. For more pictures click over to our partner blog 
11 Orchid (

Another photo og the most versatile cap. See what me mean? It's two parts - a warm cover and a cool basecap. We love it.

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