New brand alert - BAN.DO from LA

We are so excited about our new arrival - BAN.DO from Los Angeles. Haven't heard about them yet?

Well, is one of the most inspiring lifestyle labels from sunny California, designing cool statement notebooks, plannes, agendas, gym bags, water bottels and much more - perfect for kids, teenagers and women (well and men of course if they like Pink ,-).

Iris discovered them in a small boutique in Amsterdam some time ago and instantly fell in love. The whole collection is inspired by friendship, the good old days, and all things fun. Here  are some of our favourites:

That is the 12 months planner with a statement slogan and plenty of stickers of a lot of fun. Great, isn't it? I will give one to my daughter for Christmas, but please don't tell her ;-)

Still contemplating whether to have my pizza before that, but hey ,,, a great bag and water bottle, right?

And one of my favourite notebooks of all - I am very busy. You can get it in PINK as well. So which are your favourites for Christmas? Head over to and pick one.

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