A Legend - now selling

Bobo Choses' new collection "A Legend" is now online. Enjoy sporty, vintage inspired pieces full of fun! We do stock baby and kids sizes up 12 years.

We hope you love the collection as much as we do!
Welcome to I Dream Elephants!

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Re-launch of our webstore

From today we have re-launched our webshop with a new look, new features, a new platform and bilingual English/German set-up to facilitate for our German customers. We are now storing everything in Germany and also ship from there, of course still reaching the whole world in the same way as previously out of the UK.

To kick-off the re-launch we want to offer a 20% discount on the whole shop. The code isNEWLOOK20 when checking out.

We hope you will like the new look and our new features like for example the very useful 'browse by age' and also enjoy the range of new exciting brands that we have on board from this season.

You will also find a change in our ownership and customer contact. Iris has recently joined and Christina will be leaving the company for new adventures. Beatrix, our founder, is still there.

Willkommen! Welcome!

New arrivals

We have had another drop of Mini Rodini the last days. And there some instant favourites! That heart print and the electric blue colour on the outwear! We just say yes!

Then we have also seen the anticipated return of Christina Rohde. The party season can start because here you will find some amazing pieces here! That stripy fabric combined with a muted blue top. Another big YES!


New fresh autumn collections from two of our favourite brands have arrived today in our shop. Both have interesting new themes and lovely models.
Further styles in our shop
An for the final days of our SUPER SUMMER SALE we offer an extra 10% on ALL styles (even new arrivals!!) with the
code MYEXTRA10

My first blog post

In Florida (USA) there is a fascinating story. On one of the Keys there is a really nice Café, called Midway café. The owner Nicole has a house, garden and an unusual pet. She has a dog (not that unusual) and a saltwater crocodile family. Could you imagine having a crocodile in your garden which your dog chases around? Well Nicole has to deal with it. Nicole’s family has unwillingly a crocodile family for a while now. Sometimes it lays eggs in the sandpit! How scary is that?! 

Luise (9 years old)

Nicole sent this picture from her garden,

New in Tinycottons

We have just launched the first drop of the aw16 collection from
 We are pleased to present their beautiful collection called:

F A C E  Y O U R  F A C E S

Did you know that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it?
We are our emotions! Good feelings are to share, be generous: spread them, live them!
Take the bad moments as lessons. Be your own hero, be yourself. This winter tinycottons
collection is all about emotions and their faces, discover them piece by piece and explore
the graphic world of feelings! We are our emotions. Face them.
Face your faces!

Bobo Choses' magic "How to disappear" collection

Bobo Choses' has done it again. They created the most wonderful, inspiring autumn/winter collection for babies and kids. This time it is inspired by the world of magic. Enjoy their "How to disappear" collection with beautiful magic prints like wandering desks, Uri Geller inspired spoons or impossible glasses. Drop 1 is now selling at
I Dream Elephants.