One of my favourite photographers - Sebastiao Salgado

Yesterday I took the kids to the Natural History museum in London. We looked at dinosaurs and blue whales and other stuffed animals, but I also managed (with loads of bribery) to pay a visit to the fantastic exhibition "Genesis" by the brazilian photographer and photo journalist Sebastiao Salgado. The boys were sadly not particularly interested, but I was stunned! :)

Such fantastically beautiful photographs! I have some years ago seen another exhibition by him but this beat it. The exhibition is an homage to our planet and Salgado wants to make us think carefully about what we have and not to destroy it.

The striking black and white photographs feature among others Galapagos, Antarctica, Siberia, Amazonas, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Uganda, which are some of the amazing places he has photographed during the last 8 years. Ethiopian Umo valley tribes, Siberian Nenets, Amazonian Indians. Animals, landscapes and people. The dark black and bright white he manages to produce in the photographs are truly amazing! Ansel Adams would be impressed!

The exhibition runs only till September the 8th so if you are interested you have to hurry!! I am sorry i didn't tell you earlier. :)

Link to the exhibition.

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