Objective styling by Greta from kid-à-porter

Next stop on the Objective Styling world-tour is Germany. Another gorgeous selection for the styling mission for I Dream Elephants. It is bilingual (German and English) lifestyle and fashion blog "Kid-à-porter - a blog for modern mums and minis" who made us the honor this time.

We had a little chat with co-founder Greta Becker: 
1) What is your blog about and who are you blogging for?
"Our blog reports on the latest designer fashion trends for babies and kids. With kids' street styles photos and many outfits we provide fashion inspiration for mini-fashionists (and certainly their stylish mommies). Being a German blog, we have to do a lot of “development aid” in order to inspire German fashion grumpy parents to get more trendy and fashionable. When styling your child is totally normal in the UK and other countries, the average German mother still thinks kids’ fashion has to be merely “practical”, often forgetting about the style aspect. We consider our blog as the style mission for kids in Germany and all over the world."

2.)   Where do you get your inspiration from? 
"We travel the world to discover new labels, trends and outfits. The fashion fair Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy is a beautiful source of inspiration as well as trade shows in Sydney and San Francisco."

3) How did you put together your 'objective style board' for I Dream Elephants?
"We couldn’t decide among all the nice things and thus put together two favorite outfits. The first one for girls: a cosy, warm autumn outfit, perfect for a playground tour. And the second one for the stylish young men  – suitable for shopping trips with mom (yey!) or for school."

BOYS: Coat and gloves, Shirt, Waistcoat, Braces all from Scotch Shrunk, Jeans I Dig Denim, Wellies MOLO 
GIRL: Jacket Mini Rodini, Hat Scotch Rbelle, Trousers Bobo Choses, Top Mini Rodini, Wellies MOLO

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