Objective Styling - with Else from Hunger Pipi Langeweile

For our third guest stylist this season we are staying in Germany. We have had the honour to get to know the lovely Else from the blog 'Hunger Pipi Langeweile'. If you are not familiar with the blog's name or German it means 'Hunger, Wee-wee, Boredom' (sounds familiar somehow.... :) ). The blog is a lifestyle blog for German speaking parents on both sides of the channel. Else is blogging from Germany and her co-writer Michelle is blogging from London. So we get a great mix of fashion, events, to-do's from both countries.

Else has made a really nice girly style board and picked such nice clothes! We completely agree with her selection... :)  Have a look here:

Else picked:

Coat: Pale Cloud Celista
Dresses: Quenotte Olivia, Soft Gallery Lila squirrel, MOLO Chanda
Leggings: Molo Naomi stars, Soft Gallery Kay, MOLO Cactus flower
Belt: Troizenfants
Boots: private

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