Objective styling with Luvaville

For our fourth guest stylist this season we have had the honour to get to know the lovely Anne, co-founder of the international travelguide and lifestyle blog 'Luvaville'She lives in Copenhagen with her French husband and two girls. The family loves city life and to travel, always keeping eyes and ears open for new places and exciting brands to discover. Luvaville.com guides families on the very best places to sleep, eat, play, nurse and shop, all based on insider parents for 9 different cities so far: Paris, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Warsaw, Berlin, New York, Melbourne and Zürich.

My oldest daughter is almost 5 years old and has strong opinions about her clothes and she does the styling herself. Of course I try to help her but in general she knows what she likes. She is a big fan of Soft Gallery for everyday and Pale Cloud for more special occasions. So with Christmas around the corner, the classic silky look is perfect. And as it’s getting colder outside and hat and gloves are needed, we fell in love with this soft and beautiful cashmere set again from Pale Cloud.

Stella is a handfull, a true second child - full of energy and fun. She is almost 3 years old but not very big and climbs up everywhere. She needs more practical clothes but is starting getting inspired by her big sister and wants nice dresses as well. So for her, I’m going for fun and cute prints - she loves animals so the Mini Rodini penguin dress is spot on and a nice knitted jumper from cool I Dig denim combined with tights from Ej sikke Lej.

For her Christmas outfit, I have my eyes on this beautiful gray dress from Littl by Lilit.:

Liv and Stella: 
In our family, the kids get a small present every day in December until Christmas eve, the famous Christmas calendar. The girls love it but it can be a nightmare to find 48 small presents and at reasonable prices, so the Bobo Choses tatoos are perfect and if I devide then I have 2 presents for each. The same goes for the OMY color placemats they get some each and get to discover cities they have travelled to.

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