WOLF & RITA new brand in our store

One of our new brands this season is the young and very exciting Wolf & Rita from Portugal. The company was founded by sisters Sonia and Claudia Rocha in 2011 and was originally named Milk & Rock. Their first collection offered mostly plain shirts but from Summer 2014 we see a range of models. At Bubble Summer show 2013 they (much deserved!) took home the 'Rising Star' Award and got great press reviews. Later in the year they rebranded to Wolf & Rita as the original name was too similar to an already existing brand. 
The 2014 Spring and Summer collection 'A Song for a perfect Summer' is created with Gershwin's "Summertime" tune in mind. The collection sings of hot summer days, easy living and jazzy colours, just like the tune. The statement pieces like the chilli peppers and tropical songbirds can easily be combined with any of the more plain pieces. Or combine two statement pieces for a really bold outfit! :)

The clothes are all locally produced in GuimarĂ£es, in the north of Portugal which is the heart and historical centre for Portuguese textile industry, and the fabrics, buttons, thread etc are all locally sourced as well.

We find that the girls collection is stronger and more wearable than the boys collection and hence we only stock girls items this season. But for the future we are excited to see what they bring for the boys and would be happy to try those as well.

We are very happy to have this great genuine brand on board. The quality is unquestioned and the models and prints new and exciting. Welcome on board Wolf & Rita!

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