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Fay's & Finlay's Fabulous Friendship Book is a fun, challenging and educational written keepsake book. Twenty friends can answer fun questions about themselves. They can draw, write and be creative.
The book can be passed to friends, teammates, cousins, grandparents and at the end the children have a wonderful childhood memory.
A perfect birthday gift, christmas present or get well soon gift. It is sure to become a treasured and valued keepsake.   

We talked to Kristina, co-owner of Fayfin about her fabulous book.

What is a Friendship Book and why do my children have to have one?

If you would like your children to have the opportunity to preserve their childhood memories then Fay’s & Finlay’s Fabulous Friendship Book will certainly help to do exactly that.

This book is designed for children to record their personal details and answer fun questions about themselves. The book gets passed around to friends who then can be creative, practise their reading and writing skills and have fun while filling in their personal pages.

The book begins with ‘this book belongs to me’ page, which is dedicated to the owner. Once that is done the owner starts passing the book around his friend and the journey of creating memories begins.
The book has space for twenty children to write in, each filling in four pages.

Your little ones have created, with the help of their friends, a wonderful book full of childhood memories to be treasured for a very long time.

Ah now we understand why we need one! Thanks Kristina.

The book is quality-bound, super durable and proudly made in the UK and can of course be purchase at I Dream Elephants! :) here

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