Popupshop is back

After a few years of absence, Danish Popupshop is back with a roar at I Dream Elephants. We have always kept our eyes on this wonderful brand and decided to bring it back in the shop for Summer 2014. It's a collection of basics matched with wild animal photo print pieces. Their statement clothing have the tigers, leopards and polar bear prints which we see on swim wear, shirts, socks and even towels.  

Popupshop was founded seven years ago and has since then developed from a brand with mostly plain styles to a brand characterised by the love of nature and wildlife. Twice per year they bring a wonderful collection that is basic, classic and never out of style. Designer Marie Louise Mogensen designs unisex, easy to wear and easy to match pieces. The production is focused on sustainability through using organic fabrics and dyes without heavy chemicals. 

Welcome back to I Dream Elephants!


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