Holiday gem in Brittany

Sometimes we like holidays in remote places where you can just enjoy nature and a simple life far from busy cities like where we live. We have found the perfect spot for that in Brittany, France. 

Two years in a row we have been renting cottages from a lovely English couple, Claire and Andrew, who live in the nearby town of Quimper. Both cottages we stayed in are just what you want for a holiday cottage. Beautifully designed with tasteful decorations and furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms and amazing outdoors just outside the house. Nothing too much, nothing missing. This year we stayed in a tiny village called Lostmarc'h in the nature reserve of Presqu'ile de Crozon, Finistere. 

The area is a surfers paradise with fantastic beaches and waves. In April it was too cold to swim but we could still enjoy a feet-dip in the beach pools at low tide. Hiking is also a popular activity in the area. The famous trail GR34 runs along the whole Finistere coast and we tried parts of it. Amazing coast lines and views! Below you can see a few impressions. 

If you want to read more or even book one of the cottages here is the link:  

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