Django – the strongest man ( a story by Noé & Zoë )

Django – the strongest man

The Sensational Noé & Zoë Circus
Spring Summer Fifteen
Django is looking out of the window of his green striped circus wagon. It´s a warm
summer morning in the streets of Berlin. This is where he will be staying for the
next couple of days. Trees, rails and poles have been decorated with colored posters
for weeks already. Django is one of the main events in the sensational Circus. He is
lifting barbells, hammers and chunks. Before Preppy, the ringmaster, took him to
the arena, Django had been wrestling. Ever since he astonishes the audience night
by night. Tomorrow evening the first show will be starting already. Until then, the
enormous tent will be built up, with all its ropes, poles and sailcloth, the bears will
be guided to the fairground and the fairy lights will be illuminated.

Preppys voice comes out of the loudspeaker to announce the first evening in the
„Come in! Come in! The doors are open for the cheery, colouful Sensational Circus.
Laugh, dream and astonish yourself, when we start with the colourful firework
display. You will be amazed by our artists, temper, fire-eater, jugglers, exotic
animals and Django the strongest man on earth.
Popcorn and candy, waffles and candy apples, balloons, magicians and harlequins –
dive into the adventures of the Sensational Circus.“
The show begins. An orchestra plays the first piece as the kids wait anxiously on
their chairs.
The first is Salopette with her trapeze performance, conjuring stars in the
children's eyes as their jaws drop.

The „Dancing Dress“ performance release the audience in some kind of ecstasy.
Twisting umbrellas, swinging cloth in different colors. To the
sound of kettledrums and trompets everybody is dancing.

Afterwards, the harlequins continue the show with confetti and paper streamers
blown into the air while the audience bursts with uncontrollable laughter.
Flamingos display their wonderful blaze of colors, tamers lead bears towards
pedestals while encouraging their roars and the children laugh and jump back
covering their ears.
Behind the curtain, Django prepares himself with warm-ups and stretches. Before
his performance begins, Preppy calls to him – “Have fun Django! You can do this!”
For the past six years, Django has always felt nervous on stage. His knees shake;
his stomach is full of butterflies.

Taking a deep breath, Django opens the curtain to the arena. A wave of excitement
overwhelms him as the orchestra plays his song and the audience is cast under his
spell. Only until the last 500kg barbell is lifted, he remains tense. He collects all of
his strength, concentration and mind power then lays his hands on the iron rod.
Closing his eyes, he takes three big breaths. Finally, one last breath before he
squats. The blood rushes to his head as he struggles to lift the weight...
The audience is overwhelmed with excitement as Django lowers the weight and
bows with pride!

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