First pictures of Mini Rodini's Mosquito collection

We can't wait to get Mini Rodini's new "Mosquito" collection in, an amazing autumn/winter collection, inspired by ’The Jungle Book’ look-a-like landscape of India. The Indo Persian influences from the Mughal Empire, the amazing wildlife, beautiful Indian Punjab and the decadent and mysterious life of the Maharanis and Maharadjas.

It is a wilderness of Bengal tigers, elephants, peacocks, temple monkeys, rats and bats in mints, blues, spicy reds, cinnamon, pink
pepper and cloves. And an Explorer collection that easily will keep you warm in the snow covered Himalayas.

A large part of this collection is made in south of India in a factory run by wind and solar energy, the cotton is GOTS and Fairtrade certified. Launching date is the 30th of July, so save the date!

Find Mini Rodini's collections HERE


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