Gardner and the Gang - AW15 - A tribute to the tropics - Sneak peek

While we are still enjoying a few days of holiday in the sun we are also looking forward to the autumn season and all the lovely garments we will soon receive. One of the brands we couldn't resist and are stocking again this season is Gardner and the Gang, by the lovely Swedish lady Kristin who has her base in Singapore. This collection is called 'A tribute to the tropics' and again we find the most charming and cool little animal friends among her prints.

Here is the cute little story around her AW15 collection:

" Once upon a time in the polar countries. Steve, a snow leopard with crazy snowboard skills got sick of the cold. He convinced Edina, his polar bear friend with a soft spot for ice berg diving that they really needed an adventure. The two friends ventured out to the tropics. They where completely overwhelmed not only by the heat but also by the friendliness of creatures not like them. They actually became best friends with Wayne the uber cool shark. Together the three friends had so much fun throughout the winter.

Matured but bright colours bring us back to happy thoughts in the deepest of winter and thoughts of hope to make friends across borders. AW 2015 is a tribute to the tropics. A tribute to Gardner And The Gangs current home where we have made so many great friends throughout the years."


The collection will be launched in August and you will find it here.

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