My favourite shop all time... ARTILLERIET interiors in Gothenburg - Sweden

Some shops have a special spell on us. They kind of magnetically draw us in as soon as we are nearby. We just can't resist another little stop by and have a seep of that special atmosphere and style. ARTILLERIET is that shop for me. Luckily enough it's not located in the town I live. Then I would probably hang out there every day and my economy would be ruined. But on the other hand I am lucky to only have three hours to get there and have some family in the same town which gives me an excuse to go there a couple of times per year.
I could buy almost everything in there! Sadly I can't afford it. But at least a visit to soak the atmosphere doesn't cost anything.
Here you can see a few snapshot from inside. Doesn't it look just so good? So cosy especially now that the days are getting darker and we want to snug up in a comfy sofa inside.
Think Gervasoni sofas, Mad et Len scented candles, AESOP handsoaps etc, AyIlluminate and Mark Eden Schooley lamp shades and you get the idea... Sorry for the many photos but I just can't stop myself.

I so much want thoses Societey Linnen bedsheets and that AyIlluminate lamp shade!

 And the best is that they have opened a new Kitchen Shop since last time I was there. It's really good too! I want that silver plated brass cutlery and the KINFOLK cooking book!


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