Molo competition - please vote for us!

This is one of our homepage pictures, which we used to take part in the "Molo 10 Year Jubilee Competition". The best ten will receive a price - and to be one of the ten we need your help: Please vote for us on Facebook!

The images with the most "likes" will proceed to a final voting of a specially selected judging panel. We invest so much time and effort in our website and would be thrilled to get recognised for this.

Why should you vote for us? First of all, we hope that you like our website and our pictures. Secondly, if we win we promise to hold a MASSIVE sale - 35% off for 35 hours! And last but not least we will draw a name, among those who vote for us, who gets a £25 voucher.

Many thanks!

P.S. The picture was designed by Peter Koppatsch - you'll find more of his work on his website

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