Objective styling - by Hester from SASSY mama (SG)

New season means a new round of inspiring Objective Stylists here at I Dream Elephants. We got so much positive feedback in the spring so we thought we'd make it a tradition. 
First out we have invited the lovely Asian based Bristol mum Hester Aba, co-founder of the buzzing lifestyle blog 'SASSY mama - the go-to guide for moderns mamas'

This is how she introduces the blog herself:

Sassy Mama is the go-to guide for modern mamas in Hong Kong, Singapore and... watch this space! We talk about the fun side of mama-hood, not all the "don't do this", "do that" stuff. We'll inspire you to pack up the kiddos and hit the parks, jungles, beaches and coffee shops around Asia. There's nothing we don't know about life with littles in the city!

Hester, now based in Singapore after some years in Oxford, Switzerland and Hong-Kong, has made a pick of her favourites from our shop, which of course reflects the ever lasting summer season of Singapore. And we don't mind at all to linger a bit on the summery feeling... :)

Thank you so much Hester for taking part in our Objective Styling and making such a sweet pick! 

Here are her full wording to her favourites:

SNURK Princess bedding: My daughter is absolutely convinced she's a princess at the moment (and that there's no better career choice), so she would be in paroxysms of delight over this Snurk bedding set. 

MICHIKO and ME shorts: I love how these shorts feel so Asian (perfect for us here in Singapore) in style, but are actually made from gorgeous Liberty-print fabric. 

Mini Rodini swimsuit: As it's beach weather year-round in Singapore, and there's always hopping over to Phuket to consider, little ones really get a lot of wear out of their swimsuits -- we're crazy over this adorable little pineapple cossie. 

Scotch Shrunk braces: We're always looking for ways to add stylish touches to our kiddos' outfits without making them any hotter! These little braces have just the right amount of attitude for little boys. 

Bobo Choses tracksuit pants: With several members of our team expecting at the moment, we've really been tested to the limit when it comes to baby shower gifts -- we love how funky these little leggings are, while being practical enough to fit over a big nappy! 

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