My new found love - Mark Eden Schooley's Koushi lamp

This week my husband and boys are away at Grandma's in France and I have a little bit extra time for things I normally just dream of... So I took on a DIY project to create a version of a lamp I have found that I really love! The original lamp is the KOUSHI and is designed by the American Photographer, Mark Eden Schooley who works in Paris. To be honest I don't know so much more than that about him. But on his homepage I have found some lovely photograph some of which you can see below.

Lots of loveliness. And the mentioned lamp...

And here below a few images of the lamp I made. After it was finished I of course found loads of information on internet how to create your own 'Koushi'. Apparently I was not the first to have the idea. So next time I will do it slightly different. But it still looks kind of nice... :) The tricky bit will be to transport it back to the town I live. Schlepping it on the train doesn't feel like a good idea... Might have to sell it to my mum. :)

Images below are taken in my favorite Interior shop 'Artilleriet' in Gothenburg, Sweden where they sell the real Koushi lamps among many other fabulous things. 
They also have a webshop here.

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