NOMA Copenhagen - the best restaurant in the world?

We are no food snobs at all, but on the rare occasion we like to treat ourselves to something special. And as we now happen to live 30 min away from the restaurant that for several years has been named "The Best Restaurant in the world" it felt like we just had to give it a try. After a few unsuccessful attempts on their booking release dates we were very lucky to get a last minute cancellation. With high expectations we set sails towards the Danish capital Copenhagen and the Dockside area of Fredriksberg where Noma is located in a rustic old warehouse.
 The interior is Nordic grey with sleek designer furnitures married with the rustic beams of the warehouse, sheepskins and the wilderness invited through the wild flowers and herbs in the vases. So far really my kind of taste!

The food was also very Nordic and flowery to start. Pickled flowers buds and shoots. 
And a wild beach rose disc followed by ...hmm... weeds... ?? :)

The cured milk, wild garlic and basil dish was lovely.

The onion was a little harder to understand... but the shrimp and ramson ravioli were succulent.

Mahogany clam from the Faroe Island about 200 years old.... er? Well it shows age doesn't deteriorate everything. It was delicious!

Monkish liver gratings and Langoustine tail with Algae powder.

Butter nut with a sauce made of something they only told us about afterwards...ground maggots!

Liquorice tasting chewy vegetables leaves, containing ground ants to give it the sting!

The chefs in action. They all came out in turn to present their special dish and talked to the guests about it. Very personal and interesting.

And the final sweet dish. Chocolate covered moss, leaves and fruits plus eggnog. Superb!
After so much food (and I still missed capturing a few) we could hardly walk... 
It was a fantastic experience which I can truly recommend anyone who gets the chance and is brave enough. It will not be a regular for us but it was great to have been there once and try the high science of cooking.

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